A heavy rain, a strong wind这里的不定冠词a用得到底对不对?


We will have heavy rain and a strong wind tomorrow.

这里令人疑惑的是,前面的heavy rain没有a,但是后面的strong wind则有a,那么到底用不用a呢?

事实上,这里用不用不定冠词a都可以,也都可以找到许多“权威”的例子。rain和wind本身确实是不可数名词,但是有一些不可数名词前加上形容词后,却“成为”可数的了,就像a quick breakfast一样。总体而言,正如大胖知识点上所列的那样,heavy rain前倾向于不用a,而strong wind前则倾向于用a。而且查阅一些国家气象局网站,他们大多使用:

a heavy rain event
strong winds gusts


The flood mitigation projects on Rice University’s campus are tested every time there is a heavy rain. (fema.gov)

Heavy rain would be a concern for much of Arkansas and surrounding areas. (美国气象局weather.gov)

As well as strong winds, there will be heavy rain across many parts of the UK. (英国气象局 metoffice.gov.uk)

There is a strong wind or other hazard making the water unsafe for them. (arun.gov.uk)

5 tips for staying safe in strong wind. (英国气象局 metoffice.gov.uk)


How Things Move

We can watch things around us move. When something is in motion, it changes its position. Objects can move from one place to another. They can move in many directions. If you roll a ball, it might move in a straight line. It might also move in a curve. A swing can move back and forth. A light switch can move up and down. Fans have blades that move in a circle.

If you want to know if something is moving, you can compare it to other things around it that are not moving. If the things behind the object are changing, the object is probably moving. If they are not changing, the object is probably not moving.

You can measure the distance an object moves. Just measure the distance between where it was when it started to move and where it was when it stopped. Distance can be measured in inches, feet, yards or miles. Those measurements are in the customary system. It can also be measured in millimeters, centimeters, meters and kilometers. Those measurements are in the metric system.

1. What happens when a ball is rolled?
A. It can move in a straight line or a curve. B. It can move up and down.
C. It can move in a circle. D. It can move back and forth.

2. You are around 145 _________ tall.
A. millimeters B. centimeters C. meters D. kilometers

3. What’s the Chinese for “probably”?
A. 很可能 B. 不可能 C. 慢慢地 D. 快速地.

4. When something is in motion, what does it change?

5. How does a light switch move?

6. How can you test if something is moving or not?


Color Shows Mood

Artists use color to create patterns. Color can also show different moods. Bright colors make us feel happy and energetic. Dark colors make us feel calm or sad.

The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. They are the colors that can be mixed together to make different colors. Mixing two primary colors makes a secondary color. The secondary colors are orange, green, and violet (purple). Orange is made by mixing yellow and red. Green is made by mixing yellow and blue. Violet is made by mixing red and blue. Intermediate colors can be made by mixing a primary and a secondary color together. Some intermediate colors are blue violet and red orange. Black, white, and gray are special colors. They are called neutral colors.

Colors have been organized into a color wheel. It shows the three primary colors, the three secondary colors, and the six intermediate colors. Artists use the color wheel. It helps them know which colors they want to use together.

1. How may an artist use colors to influence(影响) the viewer’s mood?
A. By using only primary colors.
B. By using bright colors to evoke feelings of sadness.
C. By using dark colors to make the viewer feel energetic.
D. By using bright colors to make the viewer feel happy and energetic.

2. What can be created by mixing a primary color and a secondary color together?
A. A neutral color. B. A primary color. C. An intermediate color. D. A secondary color.

3. What is the purpose of the color wheel for artists?
A. It helps them mix primary colors to create secondary colors.
B. It helps them decide which colors to use together.
C. It helps them create neutral colors like black, white, and gray.
D. It helps them create patterns with colors.

4. What are the primary and secondary colors?

5. Tell four neutral colors according to(根据) the text:

6. What’s the Chinese for “intermediate colors”?
A. 过渡色 B. 中间色 C. 三原色 D. 混合色


The New Girl

There was a new family in the neighborhood. They had a little girl about Fiona’s age, and Fiona really wanted to meet her. The first time Fiona saw the new girl in school, she smiled and said hello. When she saw her on the bus home from school, Fiona asked if they could sit together, and she told the new girl all about their neighborhood. One afternoon a few days later, when Fiona was outside playing with some of her friends, the new girl came outside. She stood in her front yard, looking uncomfortable. Fiona smiled, and waved, and called to her, and invited her to come and play, which her new friend was happy to do!

What’s the new girl’s name?
A. Fiona B. Neighborhood C. Not sure.

She stood in her front yard. Who is she?
A. Finoa B. The new girl C. Not sure.

She stood in her front yard, looking uncomfortable. “looking uncomfortable” means ________________________.
B. looking for something B. not feeling good C. thinking about something. D. Interesting in something.

What is the main idea?
A. Fiona takes the bus to school.
B. There is a new family in the neighborhood.
C. Fiona is a very friendly girl.

Which of the following is a supporting idea?
A. Fiona smiles and says hello.
B. The family has a girl about Fiona’s age.
C. There is a new family in the neighborhood.


Our elementary school chorus had the largest participation in its history this year. They did eight performances – three in school, and five around town – and received an award for Most Improved School Vocal Group from the state. There was a lot of great talent, and ten students make All County Chorus.

1. What’s the Chinese for “chorus”?
A. 合唱团 B. 诗社 C. 跳踢队 D. 球队

2. What does the text tell?
A. Our elementary school chorus is very popular.
B. Our elementary school chorus had a very successful year.
C. There are a lot of students in our elementary school chorus.

Helen held the new baby carefully in her lap, while her anxious parents hovered nearby. Helen could hardly believe how tiny she was. Helen’s heart swelled with pride, and a new sense of responsibility.

1. Helen’s heart swelled with pride means ______________.
A. Her heart is beating with pride.
B. Her heart is full of pride.
C. Her heart stops with pride.
D. Her heart has nothing to do with pride.

2. What does the text tell?
A. Helen is going to take care of the baby.
B. Helen is a nurse.
C. Helen has a new baby sister.


Food is our fuel

Everything that is alive needs energy. All animals get the energy they need from food. People are animals. Think about the human body as an amazing machine. It can do all kinds of things for us. Food is the fuel that helps keep the amazing machine running.

Plants use sunlight to make their own food. Animals are not able to do that. Some animals eat plants. Some animals eat other animals as meat. Some animals, like people, eat both plants and animals.

Since plants make their own food using sunlight, the Sun’s energy is found in plants. The Sun’s energy is very strong. It loses a lot of its strength by the time it goes into a plant.

When we eat plants, we get more of the sun’s energy than when we eat animals. That’s why it is good to eat fruits and vegetables. When an animal eats a plant, the energy is less strong. The animal also used its energy to find the plant to eat. When a second animal eats the first animal, it gets even less energy than the first animal got. The second animal used a lot of energy to chase its prey.

Like a car that has to be filled with gasoline, living things have to eat again and again. Instead of gasoline, living things use food as fuel.

1. What’s the Chinese for energy?
A. 精神 B. 食物 C. 能量 D. 动物

2. Where do all animals get their energy?

3. Where do plants get their energy?

4. If our bodies are amazing machines, then food is our _____________________.

5. Why do we get more energy from eating vegetables than we get from eating meat?

6. If a third animal eats the second animal, will it get more or less energy?

It’s time for Chinese class前面到底要不要冠词a?


It’s time for Chinese class. = It’s time to have a Chinese class.




It’s time for Chinese class.


We just had 3 English classes. It’s time for a Chinese class.


Tom and Jerry are having a ______. Tom begins running from Point A to Point B. The distance(距离) ______ Point A and Point B is ______ meters. He runs at a speed of ______ meters per second. ______ seconds after Tom ______, Jerry begins running from Point A to Point B. Jerry runs at a speed of ______ meters per second.
Note:1 meters per second=1 m/s

1. 根据录音填写原文中的空白处所缺的单词,如果是数字,请直接写阿拉伯数字。

2. 请根据中文意思,将最后的问题用英语完整写在下面:

3. 请根据这段文字和你听到的数据,用方程计算杰瑞多少时间后能追上汤姆。(解、设、方程、答,缺一不可)

4. Tom and Jerry, who runs first and who runs faster?

5. Please calculate(计算), who will reach Point B first?

究竟是do some/more exercise还是excercises?


do some exercise



1. Hey Tom, you didn’t do well in the final exam. You’d better do more __________.
A. exercise B. exercises

2. Hey Tom, you look unhealthy recently. You’d better do some ________.
A. exercise B. exercises

3. Hey Tom, we’re going to have a jump rope match next week. You need to do more _________.
A. exercise B. exercises


do some/more exercise
do some/more exercises